Dr. Joel Prostate Massager

Dr. Joel Prostate Massager = Powerful orgasms for both men and women! I bought this originally for my husband. The first time we tried it we were cautious about how loud it is (we didn't want to wake anyone), so we stuck mostly to the lower vibrations, but he still absolutely loved it! It gave him wave after wave of intense orgasms! An added bonus is that the curved head is perfect for G-spot stimulation, but what I personally love the most is the mind-blowing clitoral orgasms it gives me! I will use a pillow over my waist under the covers to dampen the noise, but even on some of the lower vibrations it's enough to send me toppling over the edge! The highest setting is also mind-blowing and can make me and my husband both cum in minutes! I wish this was plug powered because we go through so many batteries! Definitely add this to your cart now!

TrixieMgee, 11/26/2014