Clone-A-Willy DIY Dildo Molding Kit in Caucasian Flesh with Vibrating Core

  • Model: 500087
  • Manufactured by: Empire Labs
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We sell a lot of toys - in fact, we have the best selection of vibrators and dongs on the market. Still, no matter how personal our toys may be for someone, they can never be as special as a "custom job"! The Original Vibrating Clone-A-Willy is an extremely popular product, and for very good reason. By following the simple instructions and using the ingredients and tools provided you can make a perfect 1:1 clone of your or your lover's penis!

Great for long-distance relationships and partners who travel often for business or military detail. This version comes complete with a vibrating component for extra sensation.

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- Tiny Dancer, 09/12/2011

We loved the clone a willy - I got it for my husband, which really means for me a few months ago and he and I probably had one of the most fun nights ever "casting the mold". Lots of laughs and it also feels nice to play with my husband even when he cant be rhere in person. Really clever.

- annaing, 06/11/2012

Get a Clone-A-Willy for yourself! I am so happy with the end result, the clone penis cleans easily and fits me perfectly. It's a little on the loud end but it's powerful and gets you off! I love knowing that I'm using a toy that looks like my husband and he loves that I think he's hot enough to duplicate. Clone-A-Willy is a must have!

- Sarah, 10/05/2012

LOVE it. My husband is deployed and we made it before he left. It's a life saver! haha. The ONLY thing is it didn't say whether or not the vibrator was water proof so mine got messed up :/

- customer23821, 07/24/2013

The molding powder set up so quickly that I couldn\'t get into it.. Having to order more molding powder now. Be aware of how fast the power sets!

- ArmyWifeSue, 09/23/2013

I highly suggest this product for every couple to try, after reading reviews I was worried about buying it. My husband is on a 12 month tour and learning from him doing a 15 month tour last year I wanted to try and make this kit, he was recently home for R&R and we had not one problem with the kit ... honestly it was really fun and kind of hot to do together. It does set quickly though so don't wait around, get it in there! LOL He and I are very satisfied on how well it turned out. Whoever idea it was to sell this kit is my hero for the next 8 months :D

- Angela Burris, 03/21/2016

I am amazed at how well this turned out! It made a *perfect* replica of my bf\'s penis! I read all the reviews beforehand and so we knew that the molding powder would set very quickly, and so we did it fast lol!

- Peter Vincent, 02/21/2016

Blown away at creating a clone of myself with results that were far better than I anticipated. The kit includes all you'll need to create a true rubber copy of your penis. And it will vibrate to please your sex partner when you can't be there in person. My buddy suggested I should have made a video and if I had another kit I'd definitely do it. Why? Because you'll see that my Willy can be replicated just by following the enclosed directions and you'll want to actually purchase one like I did. My Italian Willy is still being actively used and this past January was the first anniversary of my Willy being used to bring deep penetration, vibration and pleasure.

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  • Serial: 500087
  • Manufacturer: Empire Labs
  • This item is powered by 1 AA size battery (always included when you shop with us).
  • This item is made of: Rubber.