China Shrink Cream .5 OZ Vaginal Tightening Cream

  • Model: 205842
  • Manufactured by: Nasstoys
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China Shrink Cream is the go-to product for the tightening of your, or your lover's vagina. Yes, there is a product that was designed to accomplish just that.

Its proven formula has been distributed by Nasstoys for decades, and we have carried and sold it since our founding in 1999.

It works. Apply to your lady parts liberally and you will notice a near instant tightening of muscles and toning of vaginal walls. With repeated use the results are truly noticeable by the user and their lover. The packaging may not be much to look at, but the results are overwhelmingly positive for many of our customers.

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- Lulu, 07/28/2012

3 words awesome wow and amazing the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is b/c it didn't last exactly 24 hrs but very close more than 12. This is the best shrink I've found and cheapest for the effect u get.

- issa, 07/01/2013

I read about this product, heard good reviews and bad all through the internet, I decided to order 5 tubes since they was small, I applied a little more then suggested (mistake) because I am naturally loose, I have 2 children both born by c-section however I have heard the vaginal walls loosen even without a vaginal birth, and being naturally loose and ontop of pregnancy, I wasn't as tight as I used to be, well, I waited 5 minutes like the instructions suggested after I applied it and checked, no real big difference, but after 30 minutes I can't even insert a finger, this product really works, it has no smell to it either, this product is AMAZING, but start off using a small amount like the instructions suggest before applying more, it works for 24 hours so apply it at noon and by night your as tight as a virgin.

- cust_shrink_cream, 10/23/2014

I loved it works well just add a little lube if it causes dryness. I've have 3 kids and felt like I wasn't satisfying my man but hot Damn he loves it and doesn't even realize y it's better BUY IT USE LOVE IT

- Tristin Brown, 02/21/2015

The China Cream did make me extremely tight. My husband had a hard time getting it to even go in but when it did WOW we were both amazed with the results. Only Complaint I have is that I applied it early on in the day and had to reapply a second time because it did not last exactly 24hrs. I will defiantly continue to buy this product. The price is great and the result are amazing. This product stands by what it says it does. Thank You Nighttimetoys our sex life just got better.

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  • Serial: 205842
  • Manufacturer: Nasstoys
  • Contains: .5 oz.